Friday, July 6, 2018

Three Free Patterns

New Free Patterns on Expression Fiber Arts Website. They will only be free for a limited time.

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Peach Sorbet Crochet Tee

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The Hadi Tee

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The Barristan Beanie

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Nice Hot Summer

Well hello there to all! I hope you are somehow able to stay cool this summer, it's a sizzling hot one!
Randy is out in the hay field while I'm writing this. Bless his heart. He is on a tractor out in the heat, while I'm in my nice air-conditioned house.  I'm trying not to feel guilty right now.

There is a lot going on this time of year. Our garden is in full swing, the cows are calving, the pigs are snorting and mud bathing and the chickens are complaining about the heat while laying tons of eggs.


Then we just had our 4th of July celebration here as well. We missed Daddy and Jeannette, but it was good to be together as a family. That's what Dad loved more than anything on this earth, was being with friends and family - he was definitely a people person. We want to carry that tradition on as well.

How is your summer going so far?

Monday, April 2, 2018

He Is Risen

Yesterday we celebrated the fact that our Lord and Savior rose from the grave, after giving Himself up to be crucified for you and me. It's hard to imagine that GOD, the creator of ALL things loved us so much that He would do that. But it is true. I'm thankful today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever!!

We had a beautiful service at Hope Center Church Mountain Home. There were songs of worship and praise, a powerful drama, powerful preaching, and best of all the spirit of God was there. If you didn't get to come, you can watch the entire service online via Facebook. Just search for Hope Center Church Mountain Home AR, and you can watch the service there. It will be worth your time, I promise.

After church, we went to my sister's and had a wonderful meal that was prepared by many of us. Ham, meatloaf, twice baked potato's, mashed potato's, green's, green beans, squash casserole, and cabbage with sausages. For desert there was a scrumptious lemon cake that Stephanie made, frosted brownies, fruit salad and donuts. Am I making anyone hungry??

Of course, to me anyway, the best part was being together with family. We sat around talking about God, and of course the conversation got around to how much everyone misses Dad and Jeannette. Dad was always present at any family get together if he could at all. Family was very important to him, and he (and Mom) instilled that in all of their children. I think us children have done a pretty good of instilling it into our children as well.

So how did you all celebrate your weekend?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Today, dawn brought another soggy, rainy day. But then I got a text from my sister, asking me go out and have lunch with her, and things got brighter. 😁 Today is the birthday of a dear sister in the Lord, and new friend as well, Maranda Mize. We made the drive from Mountain Home to Whispering Woods Grill past Norfork Dam. It’s a quaint little restaurant with good food and friendly service. The drive there is beautiful. The grass is really starting to green up, and the trees have beautiful blossoms in white, pink, purple and yellow.

We had a great time visiting and eating great food. Happy Birthday Maranda! I love you and I’m so thankful for you!

Then tonight at church, Jeff and Brenda Mallory came to preach. They are missionaries to the Philippines. Bro. Mallory has been through several bouts of sickness and a battle with an incurable cancer. God saw them through it all, and they are back in the Philippines doing God's work there. While looking at the pictures he brought, and as he was telling the story of these people, my heart ached for them. So many families living in abject poverty, and so many orphans that are homeless.  But these people having hungry souls, they hunger for God, and He is filling them up.

Seeing them makes me know how blessed I am, and makes me feel so spoiled. God help me find a way to help, even a little. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Our Hope

This is part of a devotional that I just finished. It’s about Hope. When I want to really absorb something, I write it down. Thought I would share what I felt worthy to be written down, in the “hope” that it might bless someone else, the way it blessed me. 😃

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

For the Sake of Posterity

For the Sake of Posterity

So far in my life, I've learned that there are many ups and downs. We aren't always happy, and we aren't always sad. Maybe this is why I love a roller coaster ride so much, there are high's and low's, and places in the middle. That is how life is supposed to be, I think. We wouldn't appreciate the highlights if there weren't some low places as well. Also, in the low places we tend to look up. I look up to God and see how He brought me through the other low places, and know for a fact, that he will bring me through another one as well.

While posting last night, I realized that I hadn't posted much at all throughout 2017. As I was looking through pictures to post, I saw so many other's that I should have posted. This show's me how that even through the darkest times of our life, there are spots of joy and light. They give us a reason to go on, and do the best we can.

So here are a few pictures that wrap up 2017 for our family.

January 2017

In January we had a baby shower for Brianna Morgan. We were all eagerly awaiting the birth of Miss Paisley LeAnn Morgan.

Randy and I went to visit Aunt Alzetta with Daddy and Jeannette. She is a precious lady, who is greatly loved by all. I could listen to her talk for days.   

February 2017

February brought my birthday, 55, it's just a number folks! Stephanie made this beautiful chocolate cake for her chocaholic mother! Daddy came to see me, of course. It got to where every time he would sit for very long, he would nod off. That's ok, I was quite happy just to watch him sleep!

And then Miss Paisley was born!! My sister wanted a girl, and now her first grandchild is a girl! What rejoicing!

March 2017
We had a weird snowstorm in March, which made my beautiful forsythia bush look sad and frozen!
We went with Daddy and Jeannette to the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, to see a bluegrass gospel concert. We had fun with them, but almost got struck by lightening trying to get back to our car. Freezing and snowing one day of the month, lightning storms and tornadoes on another day of month. They say if you don't like the weather in Arkansas, just stick around a bit longer, because it could change the very next day! I think that's true!

Our first grandchild, Brittney, turned 18 on March 16th. How in the world can 18 years fly by so fast?! She has grown in to a beautifully talented and gifted young lady, who loves the  Lord with all heart.

Paisley made her first trip to Grandpa and Grandma Rush's house. She was hit!

April 2017

In April the garden started coming up, and everything was so pretty and green. Look at Sugar standing guard. She can go into the garden area and make sure that no pesky critter's bother our garden! She's such a good watch dog.

 I finished this pretty little shawl for Jeannette. She was allergic to so many things, so I made this from bamboo, so it didn't irritate her skin at all.

We took Jeff and Sandra to the Arkansas Grand Canyon up around Jasper Arkansas. It's some of the most beautiful country you will ever see.

May 2017
May was a busy month. We had a lot of new calves born on the farm.

Colton was granted his wish from the Make A Wish Foundation. They sent him, his parents, and brother Dillon on an all expenses paid trip to Scotland. They had fun and made many lifelong memories. I'm so happy they did that for him. Thanks Make A Wish!!

That smile is priceless!!

My daughter Stephanie had a birthday as well on the 12th. I made her this purse.

The Morgan's came to preach on Mother's Day for the church in town. I will always make room for them!

Then toward the end of the month, Austin and Hope came and spent several days with us. Jason, Rebecca and Corbin went on vacation, and they didn't want to go, so they stayed with us. Oh Joy!!
We had fun with them, and would have kept them forever, but mean Dad and Mom made us give them back!  LOL

June 2017

June brought lots of harvesting. We had veggies and eggs practically coming out of our ears! Yuck, what an awful saying! Where in the world did that saying come from?

Paisley was growing like a weed, and just so precious!! In June I also got to start seeing her and the rest of the Morgan's a lot more often. They were voted in as Pastor at the church here, and they moved here! Sandra and I haven't lived in the same city since Devin was a toddler! I'm so excited!

 We went to Walnut Ridge to be with Daddy in church on Father's Day. We took them out to eat afterward, and he said he was cold, so he started being silly and trying to cover himself up with some napkins.

July 2017
We had a wonderful 4th of July. The house was very full, and pretty much stayed that way, because it was a dreary, rainy day. But we had fun all being inside together anyway. We took a lot of pictures, here are just a few. How were we to know it would be the last 4th of July we would spend with our Daddy and Jeannette?

On July 8th, Randy and I travelled to Walnut Ridge again and picked up Daddy. We went to the Egypt High School Reunion with him. I'm so happy we did, wish we would have stayed there with longer though. I was able to meet many of his friends from school, and even and old girlfriend of his. 

Also, before I ever left that morning to be with Daddy, this was happening in my incubator. I just can't hardly stand to have a Spring without some new chicks!

Ok, sorry folks, but this is where our year started going bad. If you don't like to read sad things, you might want to scroll on through. 

July 11, 2017 was a beautiful, hot, sunshiny day. I believe I talked to Daddy that morning, and he told me he was going to Aunt Alzetta's birthday party. She turned 93 that day. Daddy never missed an opportunity to get together with family, if he could keep from it, anyway. Family has always been very important to him. 
 The Morgan's and Randy and I got together at our house, and had supper, then played Skip Bo and just enjoyed visiting for the rest of the night. I don't know how, but we went to bed without a care in the world.

The next morning while fixing my hair, I got the call from Uncle Kenneth that changed our world forever. Daddy and Jeannette had been hit by a train while on their way home from Aunt Zet's the night before. 

I'll just tell you, the next few day's were a blur, and a flurry of activity. But all I wanted to do was get under the covers and hide until it was all over. But hey, I'm the oldest sibling, I have to step up to the plate and be strong. Thank God my strong husband was there with me to help me!
We had two funerals to attend, one right after another. 
We got through it, and I have to say that I am proud of my family, we stuck together like glue, just the way Daddy taught us. 

Daddy's Hands - I could really tell some stories here...

Through all this grieving process, Aunt Zet was starting fail. She didn't know Daddy was gone, and it was hard to keep it from her. We all visited with her as often as we could, but before July ended, she went to join Daddy and the rest of her family. She was a precious lady, who will be forever missed.

August 2017
 Now, before the long road to healing for us, we had Daddy's estate to settle. I don't know how many trips we made to Walnut Ridge, just lost count. Through it all, my trustee little sidekick Ginger stayed right with me most of the time. It's like she knew mommy was sad, and wanted to make me feel better. :-) And Miss Paisley was a ray of sunshine for everyone. Who couldn't smile when you see this little face?

 Dad's birthday would have been August 6th, then Randy's birthday was the 8th, and our anniversary was the 11th. He brought me home a beautiful card and gifts in the morning, and then carried me away to Mountain View, to the Ozark Folk Center. They have a little village there that you can tour, that has lots of crafts. Like broom making, sewing, blacksmithing, copper works, an apothecary, weaving, basketry and a lot of other places. Too many to mention. If you live close by you just need to go there, but when you do let me know, because I want to go back as well. It's so large we couldn't get to every place in a day.

There were lot's more birthday's in there as well. August is a busy month for our family.

September 2017

September brought my oldest brother, Randy, up here to Mountain Home as well. Now if we could just get Kenny and Chris here, we would be set.

It also brought two dear sisters from Homestead Heritage for a visit. We always love to spend as much time with them as possible when they here. Sister Theresa on left, and Sister Billie on the right. Grammy always brings some of her world famous Grammy B's Granola with her too. Yummy!!

 I finally finished this pair of socks for Colton. Seems like it took forever, because during all this time we are still making trips back and forth to Walnut Ridge getting Daddy's house ready to sell.

While going through some things that had been stored in a shed at Dad's house, I found a dish that had been wrapped in this old Dillard's bag. I'm sure it was brought home from one of Mama's shopping trips. Dillard's was one of her favorite places to shop!
I both loved and hated going through all these things of Mama's. The finality of it all hurt, but it also brought some good memories as well. 

Found this picture of Dad and Jeannette 

I don't know where this was taken, but they looked happy.

October 2017
Isn't it nice how looking through random pictures jog your memory? I have always loved looking through picture albums. I knew what was in them, but they just brought such a great feeling of belonging to a wonderful family.

It was time to start weaning the calves. Oh you wouldn't want to stay around our house during this time of the year, I feel sorry for our neighbors. You never heard such "bellering" going on in your life! You would think we were out there torturing them. Randy has them set up where they can still visit with each other, they just can't nurse. He is so good with the cattle. My cowboy!

 We were about finished getting Daddy's house ready to sell, and even had a potential buyer at this point. This is Prissy's grave that Daddy and Jeannette built. I'll never forget the day he called me and told me that Prissy had gotten under his tires and he had run over her. He was so sad - he really loved that little dog.

While in Walnut Ridge we decided to go get flowers and decorate the headstone. We thought it looked so pretty. We stood around and talked and sang some songs that Dad and Mom used to sing together. We just heard the other night that there isn't a single flower on there now. Why would someone steal flowers from a headstone?

This year was the first year I had ever gotten to be with Colton on his birthday. This guy is a trooper. He has been through so much in the last couple of years, with the tumor, and then with scar tissue, it's crazy. He has such spirit though, and loves the Lord and family tremendously.

Found Mama's last wallet and driver's license. She was even beautiful in her drivers license photo. Miss you Mom!

A bunch of the ladies from the church went to see one of my favorite comedians, Chonda Pierce!


That's her, way down there!
 The church had a Fall Fest. It turned out to be cold, so the fire was greatly appreciated.

Even Ginger had to be bundled up before going out!

November 2017

Got my coffee bar all set up. The green electric coffee pot on the shelf was used by our mother. I remember when everyone did their kitchen's in avocado green!

 Made this hat for little Miss Paisley. Looks better on her than on my tea bag container! Lol

November 2017

We had ksgiving Dinner at Sandra's this year. We had a great turnout, everybody came. Our parent's would have been proud. Daddy always hoped that we would keep the family together after they were gone, and we will. We did a slideshow of in memory of them.

We sold the house 

Randy has been selling wood like crazy. It's cold out here baby!!

 I started a new project for Paisley. Hope to have it finished for her birthday.

Michael Horton made new end tables for me. I didn't know he could he do that!! I love them.

December 2017

Finally to the last month of this year. It has really been a busy one.

Aunt Tricia got to give Paisley her first sucker! I love her so much!

Ginger says, " What happened to my nice warm carpet?'

Found these old picture of Randy and I in one of Daddy's old wallets

Brittney got a 10 point!!

Met up with an old friend from childhood!

Love my new floor! Thank you Elmer and helpers!!

We had our Ladies Winter Wonderland Party at church. The ladies who decorated did a wonderful job! It was beautiful. We had great food, fellowship, and found out who our Secret Sister's were. Boy was I surprised to find out mine was Sandra!

Then to top off  December, Sandra's birthday was the 29th, and I had her to myself for a few hours that day.

We sure miss Brianna and Paisley though. They are in California soaking up some sun at the beach!!

When I was a teenager, there was a song that said, "Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future". That is one true song. 
How can you lose someone so important in your life, and just keep on living? But we do. God gives us the strength, and you catch moments of joy that keep you going. 2017 was a life changing year for us. How was your year?

Three Free Patterns

New Free Patterns on Expression Fiber Arts Website. They will only be free for a limited time. First up is the Peach Sorbet Crochet Tee ...