Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beautiful Spring Day

Woke up to a beautiful Spring day today, but I think we are getting our March winds a little early. Ginger won't even stay outside for very long, I think she is afraid she will get blown away like little Piglet did on that fateful "Windsday"!

When I was making my coffee this morning, I looked over and saw the spoon rest on the counter by the stove, and it was smiling at me.

Obviously I forgot to wash it, but wasn't that nice to wake up to?

Stephanie sent me some pictures that she took with her new iphone. She loves taking pictures, and today there are so many beautiful things to take pictures of. The earth is waking up from it's Winter nap.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Day

Yesterday Jason and Stephanie had to go to Jonesboro to see Jason's boss, so they asked if the kids could stay here with us. They had a fun day. They are such good kids, and no trouble at all. They help around the house, and are just fun to be around.
Randy told them he had a huge problem. The 4-wheeler was just full of soup, and needed the soup to be rode out of it. Of course they were eager to help...

I was even happy to help with that problem...

Here's even a short little video of the fun...

Then they went to see the new baby calves. The brown one is the one that was born on Valentine's day. I named him Valentino. Randy say's it's appropriate because he loves to be shown attention. 

Hand Painting Yarn

When the kids came over a couple of days ago, we had some fun hand painting yarn. It was the first time have ever done that. Here is a picture story of how that went.

After they were done painting, I rinsed and rinsed, in cold water until I couldn't feel my hands anymore! Then we had to hang it up to dry, which took a couple of days. Now we have this.

There you have hand spun, hand painted Alpaca and Angora yarn. Soon to be hand knit also, when I decide what to make out of it. It is very soft, and drapey. What do you think would good to make out of it?

The Big 5-Oh

Well, I made it to 50 years! Wow, I don't really feel 50. I remember when I was younger, I thought 50 was knocking at death's door. It doesn't seem quite so bad now. Stephanie worked herself almost to death cooking a wonderful meal of lasagna for me, all homemade of course, she's a great cook. My Dad and Jeannette, my mother-in-law, Evelyn, and even Bro. and Sis. Young came. Of course Daniel and Stephanie and their families were there. Jason didn't get to come.

It was great to be with all the family and friends. We ate, talked and then sang.
Of course I got a few presents. Here's some of my new loot.

The best gift of all by far, is the love that I have in my life. My God, my wonderful husband, my beautiful children and grandchildren, and my friends. What would life be without people, and God. I would never, ever want to find out. 
Thank you for being in my life everyone. I am truly blessed.

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