Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Fun

It was hot hot hot in Mountain Home on Labor Day. We opted to spend the day in the air conditioning, but still had fun. We played Jinga, ate a good meal that Randy braved the heat to grill for us, and just enjoyed being together. Of course the ladies cooked a few things too, but we got to do it in the cool house!

Brittney was a little nervous!

She decided to try the other side of the table.

Holly doesn't seem to be nervous a bit. 

Stephanie, a little nervous, but it was about 35
blocks high by now.

Awww, Gabriel did great the whole game. I think
it was already a little wobbly before he even 
touched it!

My honey, braving the hot sun, over a hot grill. He's
the best. The food was pretty good too.

Over the weekend I finished a project I had been working on, off and on, 
for about a year. I put down crocheting for a while, and concentrated on 
knitting and spinning.

This is the Flapper Bag that was published in Crochet! magazine in January of 2009. Here is my finished bag.

I am changing the button to a toggle button, then it will really be finished. 
I have gifted this bag to Holly.

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