Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All Better Now

These last few days have been very busy, but then all of my days seem to be busy. Honestly, does anyone know where the time goes these days? Seems like I get up in the morning, and before I know it, it's time to start cooking supper. Anyone else have that problem? If I had to work outside of my home, I don't know where the time would come from to do so.

Randy is working on our chicken yard. We got some little Silky chickens and they were very cute. They looked like they had hair instead of feathers. I thought I took some pictures of them, but if I did, I can't find them. Anyway, Randy decided he wants some regular chickens that lay normal size eggs, so he sold them to his sister, Tammy, who likes all kinds of animals. Right now we just have one lonely rooster. He seems content to wait for his little lady friends to arrive, but he isn't laying very many eggs! =) Handsome little guy, isn't he?

Randy sold the two horses we had, and is now looking for a dairy cow. We want to make our own butter, and cheeses.  Though I don't really know where the time is going to come from to do so =) We still have our dairy goats, but we aren't getting milk right now. We are giving Valentine a little milking break before her new kid comes into the world.

Valentine - Alpine/Nubian Mix
Surprise - La Mancha

Also been busy knitting and spinning of course. I have started knitting Randy's big thick hat. He wanted it in green of course, him being a John Deere type of guy. The pattern is on the Lionbrand website, and it's free. Here is the link if anyone wants to try it, it's a quick and easy knit. Simple Knit Crimson Hat 

I need to hurry this along, as it is freezing outside while my poor hubby is working on the chicken yard. 

I also started knitting a couple of things for myself too. The first is called Vertex Vest from Brooklyn Tweed. I will be working on this for a while, as it is made from lace weight yarn. I am using linen though, so it will be fine to wear in the summer too. I actually knitted a swatch for this one, because I wanted to know how the linen would look after it was washed and dried. Blocking it makes the yarn fluff up a little and even out a lot. It's also pretty and drapey. Can't wait to finish this one, but it will take a while to knit.

The second thing is cute little vest in Knit Simple's Knit's Plus magazine. It's called the Camel Cardigan, however I am not doing it in a camel color. I am making it with Bernat Satin yarn, and the color is rouge.

 This one won't take as long to knit since it is a worsted weight yarn. Yummy! I guess nobody could possibly tell what my favorite color is, right?

That's all for now folks!

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