Friday, January 10, 2014

Mother In Law Hat

We have been having some really bizarre weather here in Mountain Home, AR. We had another ice/snow storm, mostly ice, and the roads were just horrible. They looked like they were just wet, but try stepping out on it and you would get a BIG surprise! So we have been stuck inside a lot this winter, which is fine by me. I'm one of those weird people who never gets cabin fever. I can always find things to keep me busy at home, and I love being at home.

My mother in law has been asking me for a hat that would match a cowl that I gave her last winter, and I am finally getting around to it. I love this pattern. Even though you can't really see it with the yarn I chose, Lionbrand Homespun, it has a cable brim. Then stitches are picked up all around it, and the body slowly increases a bit, then decreases to the crown. It's a quick and fun knit.

While I'm on the subject of creating things, I want to tell you how impressed I am with my grandson, Weston. He has started tanning hides. We have a lot of deer hunters in our family, so he has had a lot of hides to practice on. It may sound gross to some, but it's really amazing for a twelve year old to be doing this so well. It's kind of a lost art, I would think.

His first attempts were not very soft, but he didn't give up, and the last piece he put in my hands to feel of was SO soft. He made a knife sheath out of a piece of it. It has a plastic casing to hold the knife firmly in place, which he also made!

He bought some snaps to put on it this same day, so now it has a snap. That's pretty impressive, right?

As soon as I get finished with the "Mother in law" hat, I have a couple of basic hats that I am going to make for Weston and Gabriel. I made one for Aiden that was out of the extra chunky yarn, and the other boys want one since we are having such a cold winter. They are not boys who like to stay inside where it's warm at all, so they need these to keep the ears warm!

This is the yarn I am using... another Lionbrand yarn, gotta love it! Soft and thick.

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