Thursday, May 15, 2014

Remembering Dixie

Today is a very sad day for our family. Dixie, our beloved white Lab died sometime in the night. I say our because I always called her my grand-dog. She was Stephanie's family dog, and she will be very much missed. She has actually been in the family since before Gabriel was born. Here are some favorite pictures of her.

Dixie was such a good natured dog, and she loved to mother everything. It didn't matter whether it was chickens, rabbits, cats, and Buddy when he joined the family. She was very patient, as seen by this video.

The kids have done various writings about her, but this poem written by Gabriel happen's to be on the front of my fridge.

Dixie is a dog of little brains,
Who doesn't like it when it rains.

When the wind blows her hair away,
She is having a bad hair day.

She is getting old,
And does't like to be cold.

She loves to dig holes,
And she has a lot of belly rolls.

She'd rather be dirty than clean,
We take her for walks, but she never gets lean.

But Dixie is faithful, the much is true,
Good ol' Dizzy dog, we sure do love you.

Brittney wrote a poem about her yesterday. This morning after they found Dixie dead, she wrote this at the end of the poem...

Faithful Girlie
We'll never forget 
The joy you brought

Rest in peace Dixie doo, you will never be forgotten, and you will always be loved. Good-bye old girl...

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