Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sister Visits

When I looked at my blog today I noticed I had a draft of one I never published. Don't ask me why, because I don't remember. This was around the first part of summer.

We are still bottle feeding calves. It is so funny to watch these calves come running to their bottles. They will jockey for position at the gate and butt their behinds into a calf that they feel like is invading their space. When Spunky, who is the youngest, gets done with her bottle, she will suck on anything else she can get in her mouth. It's usually one of the other calves ears, but sometimes its my shirttail! They are so funny and sweet!

My sister, Sandra, who lives in Orange County California, came to visit with her son Colton. Here is my beautiful sister styling and profiling in my mucking boots.

Colton got a lesson in tractor driving by Uncle Randy, and they both got a taste of bottle-feeding calves.

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