Saturday, May 2, 2015

An Anchor of the Soul

I was reading some study material thing morning, and I felt led to post this. I'm so thankful that I have God to hope in. There have been times in my life when I didn't hold onto him, and I remember the despair and emptiness that I felt. The crazy thing is, God was there during those times too, I was just being like a stubborn rebellious child who refuses to take his parents hand, thinking they can do things by themselves even though they aren't ready.

Although we experience pain, difficulties and confusion, we have an Anchor of hope that keeps us from drifting into despair. Hebrews 6:19 calls this anchor "both sure and steadfast," which means our hope is certain and provides stability even in severe adversity. The verses before 19 show the reason for this confidence: God's unchanging nature and unfailing commitment to fulfill His promises.

So He encourages us to lay hold of the promises in His Word, which requires patience, perseverance, and a focus on Him. In other words, keep your eyes on the prize.

Unless anchors are dropped into the sea, they're useless. In the same way, we must take hold of the hope God offers and use it as our source of stability.

When we focus on our troubles, we're tossed about without a firm foundation. But when we concentrate on God's character and promises, we'll remember He always works situations out for our good -- even when we don't understand or see how. So whether we're facing an uncertain outcome or a situation we cannot change, knowing God is faithful lets us stand firm.

Our trials will be over when we stand before the Lord in heaven, but until then, take hold of our anchor of hope and stay focused on the One who always holds His children steady.

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